Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Idina/Swim Meet weekend

Shandi and I got the AWESOME opportunity to see Idina Menzel perform at Wolftrap a few weeks ago. She was stellar.
We were SUPER excited before the performance!


There she is!
 Idina doesn't where shoes while she performs. She likes to be comfortable.

 This is just for Sarah (:

The next morning we woke up early to go to Garrett's All Stars swim meet. He was the first alternate so we weren't even sure if he'd get to swim (chances were slim), but we went anyway for the experience... and because the pool is close to Krispy Kreme donuts.

 It was super busy with all the fastest swimmers in the Norther Virginia Swimming League!

Braeden is extremely handsome.
 This is mom and Garrett right after he warmed up for his event. At this point he wasn't going to swim, but he warmed up because in the case of a false start he would get the chance to swim.
 I was sitting across to pool and zooming in with my camera. See if you can spot our little stud in these shots!

He's not in this picture... Tha'ts my mom (:

 Garrett got a ribbon for being the first alternate (actually technically he was the second alternate but someone dropped out at some point during the week). The moral of the story is that he is the 20th fastest swimmer for the 100 meter IM for the 13-14 boys.
He didn't get to swim, but he was in the picture looking as handsome as ever and we got donuts after all. Over all it was a great experience. Getting to go to all stars but not swimming lit a fire in him and he intends to work hard to make it sometime in the coming years. I'm so proud of him and his accomplishments.

Monday, August 27, 2012

I've been called to serve as a missionary

I arrived home from my trip to Lake Powell on a Friday around 11:00am. I checked the mail and there I found the left overs from Thursday. Just bills and such. My family (which only consisted of my mom, my brothers, and myself because Sham was spending a few more days in Utah and my dad was driving my car back from Utah) decided to go to dinner at Olive Garden that evening. Before we left I decided to check the mail. In it I found the best piece of mail I have ever received in my whole life! I finally got my mission call. While at dinner, I called a bunch of family members to let them know that I'd be opening my call that evening. Around 9:00 that evening my cousin Amy and her kids came over along with her brother Brandon, his wife Megan, and their baby. We skyped on one computer with my mom's parents in St. George and her older brother. On another computer we skyped with Sham and a bunch of family on my dad's side of the family at my grandparent's house in Orem. On my phone was my best friend Kyle (Sarah would've been called or skyped too, but she had plans already). Lastly on my mom's iPad we were on facetime with my dad. He recorded me opening my call. Everytime I watch this I cry. It melts my heart and just makes me so happy to have the opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father. Please note: At this point, my sister had her wedding planned to be November 17th.


I am so excited for this opportunity. Words can't describe how grateful I am for the gospel in my life. I have been blessed beyond measure and there is nothing more I want to do right now than share the gospel with the world.

I am also glad to say that after I got my call to leave on the 7th, we were very blessed to have things work out. My sister was able to change her wedding date to November 3rd so I don't have to miss it.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Finally a post--- LAKE POWELL

I am literally the worlds worst blogger, but I intend to make up for it. A few weeks ago, my dad's side of the family had the most epic family reunion ever at Lake Powell. I took a bunch of pictures (or rather intended to) before my camera died on the first day. I've taken the liberty to steal pictures from my cousin-in-law (forgive me Whit) so that I can better document the trip.

Please note--this documentation won't be in order because i'm WAY too lazy to reorder the photos and because I need to get to bed because I'm going on a  trip tomorrow (to an undisclosed location) and I have to leave at 4:30 in the morning and I have yet to pack.

The whole week was amazing. My family and I (not including Sham--Shandi and Sam) arrived to Lake Powell on Monday morning and left on Thursday around noon.
 On Wednesday we created our own Anderson Olympics. The first competition in the Olympics was to paddle board on your knees out to a partner who would replace you on the paddle board and race back to touch the noodle being held by your third team member. The picture above was when I was on a team where I was the first boarder. The picture below is when I was on a team as the second boarder. That picture was taken from the finals (we had a bracket). My team got the silver medal.

 Even Grandpa would get out on the paddle boards. As it turns out, grandpa is kind of a major water rat--even at 82 years old!
 We did other things with the paddle boards--which you can see in the background. This game involved getting as many people to stand on them at once. Then everyone would jump until you all fall off. It was much easier for the little kids--of course. There are other pictures like the one above there Whit, Anamae, and Amberlea are on the kayaks, but the main reason I posted these is because my little brothers are playing chicken in the background.
 On Tuesday evening we had our DEJAPEBAJJ competition. This is an Anderson tradition. Before the reunion commences we are given a few ingredients that must be used in this cooking competition. You have a half hour during the day to prepare and one hour in the evening to cook your meal in a  dutch oven and plate it. This year we didn't have enough dutch ovens so my family was sent to the kitchen to do our business. The ingredients that were required were: something purple, something tropical, popcorn, and barbecue sauce. Did I mention that everything needs to also be gluten free for my grandma to eat it? My family made Cashew Chicken. It was delicious! And of course, we won the competition as well as the much coveted DEJAPEBAJJ plate.

 On Monday, the brothers and grandpa went out on the banana boat to put on a show--which was recorded from the boat so that we all could watch it later. They are ridiculous and did all kind of tricks. My favorite part was when the brothers were all standing on the edge of the banana and you could see grandpa in the background just laughing his head off--then suddenly he disappeared into the water.
 This pic is Jared demonstrating how to do the Javelin toss--another part of the Anderson Olympics. Only six made it into the finals and the furthest length one. I am proud to be the daughter of the Olympic gold medalist.
 Of course we weren't goofy the whole trip. There was plenty of time to just lounge in the water and bond--which explains the awful sunburn I left with.
 ^^Part of the brother's show. You can see grandpa sitting in the back. At one point they all stood up on the top of the banana. My siblings and I did it later on in the trip. I don't have pictures of that, but maybe someday I'll get the video my dad took of it and put it up here.
 Please note that Tiffany and Adam have the two most beautiful children in the world. Meet Calli.
 The third event in the Anderson Olympics was the relay. The picture above is my mom and I sitting in the kayak preparing for the relay to begin and listening to Dave (the pointing guy) give instructions. The relay was long-- first someone swam out to a location where the two paddle boards were located. When they reached the boards, the second team member would paddle in--which is when the kayakers had to row around the sand bank. When we crossed a designated point, the next team member would do ten jumping jacks at which point the sixth man would paddle board out to a point standing up. When they reached the point they held up their paddle like a sand person to signify the time for the last swimmer to swim out. When the swimmer hit the paddle board the last member of the team was required to do a cannonball off the slide. It was a close race, but my team won! It was a proud victory.
This is Jeff during the first event in the Anderson Olympics.
The brothers preparing to leave on their exhibition.

This is the house boat-- we all slept up top, which was great except for Monday night it POURED rain and we all had to stuff ourselves down below. I ended up directly on the deck of the back of the boat--which is not actually particularly comfortable.
Of course,when we weren't outside, we were inside playing our favorite Anderson game--Wearwolf. This is like mafia--but on steroids and we're literally obsessed. 
Finally, the last event in the Anderson Olympics was the Rock Walk. All the men who chose to participate found a rock that was heavy enough to sink them. Then at the sound of the horn (literally-my dad brought his bugle), they held there breath and walked as far as they could on the bottom of the lake. About three steps further from where they are standing, the bottom drops down about twelve feet--hence why I didn't participate.
On Tuesday evening, while half the family was in the water, I was standing on the back of the boat about to get in when I saw the sand bank moving quickly away from us. It turns out the bank wasn't moving---WE WERE! The wind had gotten so bad that it blew the boat 90* to the left. The rescue was hard and our neighbors had to come help us anchor down. The picture above is the men putting the finishing touches on the revived boat--resecuring the plank.
These two pics are from the paddle board races. Garrett is on the left up top and I'm on the right down below.

DEJAPEBAJJ competition.
Of course when the houseboat got taken by the wind, we had to detach Dave's boat so nothing would crash.

This is the view from the houseboat. Perfect, right?

The brothers are proud of the "Anderson Belly."
^^ Tiff and Rock. Remember I said she has the most beautiful children?

Garrett and Braeden had a swim meet on Saturday that they had to train for while we were on vacation.  Garrett didn't follow his training schedule exactly, but this is him preparing to swim butterfly out as far as he can alongside my mom in the Kayak.

^^Wearwolf game
I'm creepily obsessed with this picture. Liz is downright awesome.
*This has nothing to do with my post, but I hear crickets and they sound way louder than usual--as if they are inside the house--which is very likely since I live in the dungeon. I'm getting nervous. Crickets give me the creeps.

This is the one time in my whole life that I will acknowledge that my dad plays the bugle and I am proud of it. Usually I find him really embarrassing.

The rest of the pictures are the ones from my Camera. They include the first two days (Sunday and Monday). We left our house on Sunday morning at 3:00am to drive to Baltimore to catch a flight to Houston to catch a flight to vegas to catch a shuttle to St. George to spend the evening at my Grandparent's (mom's side) house and rest up before driving to Lake Powell the next morning. When we got to Houston, our plan was delayed so we ran around the airport and played for a bit!

We were really disappointed that our flight was delayed.

So of course we had to make some calls to let Vegas know we'd be late.

And obviously a trip to the airport isn't complete without visiting the celebrities.

Lastly, we needed massages. Flying is rough--and a five leg trip to Lake Powell is even rougher.
At the very center of the Houston Airport is an echo chamber.
This is us speaking under the echo ceiling. Please note that my joke at the end is NOT funny at all, but I had been awake since 2:30am and running off of only two hours of sleep.

When we finally made it to Vegas (where my dad flew in separately), it was a happy reunion...
A happy reunion indeed.

This would be the shuttle to St. George.

It was nice to see my baby again. She was waiting patiently in Grandpa's garage.
We spent the rest of the evening playing in the river behind Grandparent's house.

^^ please note St. George's largest bug.
Dave pulled out his metal detector and taught Garrett how to use it.

The next morning before we left, we discovered this on the driveway. ICK!

Mom and I were excited to finally be heading to Lake Powell. We rode in the car with her parents and the rest of the boys rode in the other car with her brother (who joined us at the reunion).
My mom and I bond over car dancing/singing.

This was the part where Sham meets my mom's parents.
That awkward moment when you take a picture of the scenery, but it actually looks like you're taking pictures of these little boys....
Garrett and I had to recreate this. It was just too perfect--and we were bored waiting to finally leave the dock.

He also climbed around the boat, while Braeden and I lounged on the seats.

That's Garrett swinging. Eventually he figured out how to get from one side of the dock to the other without touching his feet to the boat.

When we finally left the dock this boat held 14 people and all of their luggage. That's probably a serious safety violation... Whoopsies!

The next few pictures are just the same water activities that we did all week condensed into the first two hours of being at the house boat.

All the rest of the pictures are from our time in the river in St. George.

Please note my barbarian brother peeing in the background of mine and mom's cute picture. Thanks a lot Garrett!

This is half of my beautiful family.
I adore them.